Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Camera Pics

Cream mustache

Boys watchin' football

Ginger soaking in some morning sun


Ginger's favorite toy . . .

Libby and Max

Sweet Ginger

Sunday morning . . .

Ginger is fascinated with her tail!

Old Letters

I was recently cleaning out my basement closet and found a box of random things I've kept over the years like birthday cards, notes I wrote in Jr. High and letters people have written to me. I found these cards Libby and Joe wrote to me while I was at camp in July of 2000. I about peed my pants when I read them.
Note how she mentions that someone died the middle of the letter like it's just an everyday occurrence. I also love how she put "I mean Thursday" in parenthesis instead of just crossing out Friday and writing Thursday.
This picture is hilarious!
My favorite part about this one is the spelling.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our First Blog!

Well I finally broke down and started a blog.  Supposedly my wonderful husband suggested it to me a long time ago and I thought the idea was ridiculous.  He thought I needed something to do on my days off besides clean the house do laundry and watch my favorite HGTV shows.  Maybe he's right  . . . (and don't tell him I said that!). 

I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in our lives.  The main events of this week were:
1. We signed up for a gym membership (so my husband can have washboard abs for our vacation in Feb)
2. Our friends are moving into the twinhome that we share a wall with
3. My husband's stellar immune system defended him from a horrendous gastrointestinal virus and mine did not!

This is our beloved, crazy, adorable and extremely stubborn dog Ginger: